Sincerely Mine; Always True

Hello! My name is Mackenzie, I am 17 years old, and this is my blog! I recently decided to start a website to house all of my creative, professional, and volunteer endeavors, so stay tuned for more creative projects, life insights, and general silliness from me!

As for a little about me, I have an interest in about everything! I am involved in multiple leadership positions at my school involving all sorts of different matters, like leadership, mentoring, art, literature, and more! In my free time, I like to draw, sew, paint, knit, and just generally create! I hope to get some tutorials up for guys so you can learn more about some of my interests!

I am so excited to be graduating this year, as I am a senior! In the future, I hope to major in Fashion Merchandising and go onto a career in the fashion industry!

I just want to give a huge thank you for checking out my blog! I really appreciate all the support. If you guys have requests for blog posts, please contact me in Contact tab and I will definitely get to it!

In conclusion, this blog might be funny, it might be educational, you may shed a tear or two. But whatever I do, I am always sure of one thing–it is sincerely mine, and it is always true.

Sincerely mine and always true,



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