The Best Top 5 Travel Essentials

Summer is the traveling season, so it’s time I provided my list of the top 5 travel essentials that will get you from point A to point B in comfort and style! Lets get on with the show!travelessentials.JPG

1. Neck Pillow/Travel Blanket

This is definitely my top necessity! I get chilly very easily, so having a blanket is essential for me. It feels so nice to have a comfort item from home, especially one freshly washed and warm. The blanket featured here is a Vera Bradley throw in the print “Rosewood Chips.” It has so many nice colors; it can be a real pick me up on a rainy day! In addition, a pillow makes sleeping in any airport, car, train, or plane much easier! Sleeping is something that be in short supply on a vacation, so catching up on some extra zzzzz’s while traveling can really make a difference!

2. Coloring Book/Colored Pencils

While riding long hours or waiting for your next form of transportation, a person can get bored on travel days! We all have phones, laptops, and tablets, but what about a de-stressing activity while on the road? That’s where this coloring book comes in! Adult coloring books are one of the newest trends; they contain all you loved about coloring as a child with beautiful patterns and designs you can appreciate as an adult. This Harry Potter coloring book provides beautiful designs of some of your favorite characters, scenes, and objects from the Hogwarts universe! I’ve been a Harry Potter fan since I was 10 years old, so seeing this book come to life is so exciting for me! My favorite colored pencils are the Prismacolor Scholar pencils. They are a more cost effective line of student grade pencils from the amazing Prismacolor brand. These pencils leave such a nice layer of color and can be blended to create even more colors. I think everyone should give them a try!

3. New Music/Headphones

When the outside world is loud or you just want to zone out a few minutes, the best way to do that is with music! One of my favorite new albums is Rachel Platten’s Wildfire. Every single song is great, but I would highly recommend the songs “Hey Hey Hallelujah”, “Lone Ranger”, and “You Don’t Know My Heart”. It’s the perfect album for traveling, working out, or just getting pumped up! I listen to it when I’m working on a hard test or project to give me motivation to get through it! For headphones, I received Bose SoundSport In-Ear Headphones for Christmas. They are top of the line! I have a hard time keeping headphones in my ears, but these stay in during any workout or trip! In addition, there is a volume adjustment right on the wire that works with any Apple device, along with a microphone. You can truly be hands free!

4. Snacks

You know I couldn’t go through a travel blog post without talking about my favorite part of it–snacks! Sometimes it isn’t convenient to stop for an entire meal or you are in an area with limited access. Snacks can keep you from getting too hangry! (If you don’t know what that is, it’s hungry and angry combined. We all have our moments!) Some of my favorite snacks are Cheez-Its, Pretzel Crisps, and Kit Kats. They make me feel right at home, are easy to store, and I can often eat them at my destination or pair them with other things. I also like to have some sort of drink, typically water or tea, handy to go with my salty snacks. My Tervis Tumbler makes it so easy to travel with liquid! Disposable water bottles can often sweat in hot temperatures, aren’t durable, and have even been found to contain chemicals dangerous to women! Yikes! But, Tervis Tumblers have double wall technology which allows no condensation on your drink and to keep it cooler longer! They are super durable, easy to drink from, and contain no dangerous chemicals. They also come in so many fun designs and can even be customized! I have the exact design pictured here. Anna and Elsa remind me so much of my sister and I, so having that right by makes me think of home!

5. Portable Battery

Finally, I find that a portable battery is essential for any type of trip! Oftentimes, your phone will die before you reach your destination. When I arrive somewhere, I like to let my parents know I have gotten there, but that can be difficult if your technology is not powered up. This portable battery can be charged overnight and provide 4 full iPhone charges! Now you never have an excuse not to have your phone ready to go!

That’s it for this Top 5 Thursday! Hope all of you have found some new travel essentials! Wherever your travels may take you, be safe and have fun!

Sincerely mine,




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