Why Am I An Artist? Fine Arts Diploma Seal Project 2017

Hello friends! I am back at it with another (long overdue) blog post! The reason for this post today is actually the reason for my absence lately. So hopefully this piece will let you learn more about another side to me, see an extremely extensive project I’ve been working on, and learn more about how my brain works and the way I think about things.

So, this post is about the Fine Arts Diploma Seal Project I completed through the Georgia Department of Education and my school! This project was very extensive and included:

  • Completing the Fine Arts Career Pathway which means taking:
    • Art History A&B (or AP Art History A&B)
    • Digital Design A&B
    • 3D Modeling A&B
  • Take at least one of the following courses (fun fact: I took 3 of these!):
    • AP Art History
    • Introduction to Business & Technology A&B
    • Marketing Principles A&B
    • Journalism
    • Introduction to Computer & Information Technology A&B
    • Art courses taken through MOWR
  • Be involved in two Fine Arts related extracurricular activities. There were more options, but here is what I was involved in:
    • National Art Honor Society
    • GAETC Student Showcase (by invitation)
    • SCAD Summer Seminars Participant
    • Winner in GACA Student Art Show
  • Complete 20 hours of art-related community service (fun fact 2: I had 44 documented hours completed all this year)
  • Complete a 5-10 minute video capstone portfolio and slideshow

As you can see, there were a lot of pieces to the puzzle and many events that I have attended which led me to the opportunity to earn this seal. Now, the first four parts of the project did not phase me, but the last part, the 5-10 minute video, was quite daunting. I was first told about this project on Feb 13th, and it was due on April 10th.

I have to say, I used about every single second of that time that I could. But the finished project as a whole was better than I could have ever imagined!

I didn’t feel confident that I had enough artwork to show in the video, so in addition to the multimedia project, I created several new pieces of artwork just for this. This was certainly an all encompassing experience.

Check out my video here:

Here is a gallery display of all the artworks featured in the video:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here is a link to my PDF slideshow presentation:

Mackenzie Miller–Fine Art Portfolio Capstone Project FINAL

To close, here are 3 things I have learned through this amazing journey.

  1. Don’t wait until the evening to do things that are important. You might be so tired that you did not realize you misspelled important words like “diploma” on your video and have to edit and re-upload it (not that this happened to me…but it did.)
  2. You can make anything with things you already have, some patience, creativity, and a little movie magic. Like I told my art teacher, I used my IPhone camera to film all of this, had no fancy camera, tripod, or lenses (my tripod was a stool and a stack of books), and my editing software was a free internet download. I just used what daylight and lamps I had to do what I did, and I have to say I did pretty good!
  3. Taking a 4 hour nap after turning in said project is never a bad idea. Also copious amounts of tea and hot chocolate certainly help any situation.

I hope you all enjoy this compilation as much as I do. As much as it is my project, I have a few people to thank for their help. First of all, I want to thank my school and specifically my art teacher Ms. Aracich for extending me this opportunity. I sincerely hope I have done the school justice for what they have taught me. Second of all, I want to thank my friend Sophia Farrar for being an amazing friend and assisting me with the fellow artists eye on both the script and the art itself (and also for believing I could finish this at all and screeching with me when I finally turned this in because boy were we excited). Finally and most importantly, I want to thank my parents. They looked over every single aspect of this project multiple times, have always pushed me to do my best, and congratulated me when I did.

After over 30 hours of work, some laughs, some tear, some technical problems, and more pieces of scrap paper than is probably able to be counted, I am proud to say I am a part of the first ever class of Georgia Fine Arts Diploma Seal graduates. To quote the video–“So, what’s next?”

Sincerely Mine,



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