Being a child of a service member for the majority of my life, I have experienced many interesting and enlightening moments, learned an innumerable number of lessons, and found that my perspective of the world has been forever altered by said lifestyle. These blog posts will cover ten different ways that being a military child has impacted my life.

Because of our constant separation, my family is the most important thing in the world to me. We are the people who best understand what the other is going through. In my family, there is an open dialog about what is currently happening in the world and what that could mean for my father. I appreciate the support my family has always given me in all my endeavors. They have not once doubted my ability to shine and succeed in all facets in which I want to. While many families are close, the military aspect of our lives brings my family even closer together. This is the life we have always known, and it is part of the binding force of our family unit.


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