Military Community

Being a child of a service member for the majority of my life, I have experienced many interesting and enlightening moments, learned an innumerable number of lessons, and found that my perspective of the world has been forever altered by said lifestyle. These blog posts will cover ten different ways that being a military child has impacted my life.

The military community is a strong-willed group. Having lived on base for several years, I have seen the extent to which these families have resilience. There is an instant bond between everyone; we all know we have something major in common. These families are willing to help each other in times of crisis. When a Blue Angels pilot was killed in an airplane accident, the entire community rallied around the remaining family with meals and comfort. It was able to give the family some time to adjust to their new normal, but still feel the support of others. It is like one big family. We all know what we are going through and we know the words to say to provide a level of comfort. It is amazing to see everyone connected by a common thread, one that as affected so much of our lives.


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