Being a child of a service member for the majority of my life, I have experienced many interesting and enlightening moments, learned an innumerable number of lessons, and found that my perspective of the world has been forever altered by said lifestyle. These blog posts will cover ten different ways that being a military child has impacted my life.

Resiliency is a frequently used to describe military members coming back from war and their families during their reintegration process. It means the capacity to recover quickly and has a direct synonym of toughness. This to me is the perfect way to describe who military and their families are. They face some of the biggest challenges I have ever seen. Through it all though, families remain hopeful. We continue to live our lives to the fullest and have a deeper level of love for our family time and the experiences we have been afforded. Military people must be able to bounce back. The best part–we are extremely appreciative of all the love and support and draw on our military community often. Resiliency is more than just coming back; it is coming back stronger, better, and ready to go. We are constantly resilient as each day passes. It has taught me some of the greatest lessons of my life.


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