Being a child of a service member for the majority of my life, I have experienced many interesting and enlightening moments, learned an innumerable number of lessons, and found that my perspective of the world has been forever altered by said lifestyle. These blog posts will cover ten different ways that being a military child has impacted my life.

Part of the military lifestyle is separation. The stress of having a family member regularly traveling to different states or deployed for a year at a time to war-torn countries puts a strain on the entire family. It can be difficult to maintain a familial connection with all members when one of them is often out of close range. Having my family spread out across continents at times has brought us even closer together. While some people are oblivious to how precious family time is, we cherish every single second. Every event that my dad has attended for me, I feel an extra boost of confidence because I know it can be difficult for him to be able to support me in that way. Even when we are apart, I receive an abundance of love from all of my family. Being a military family is certainly a different type of lifestyle, yet I would not trade it because of the ideas of dedication and selfless service it has taught me.


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