The Ultimate Guide To Looking On The Bright Side

Hello again my lovely readers; I am back again with another post in my Make Your Own Happiness series! I am so ecstatic that everyone was pleased with my last post, as I certainly was as well. So, I will be continuing this series as I have an innumerable amount of ideas (but don’t worry,… Continue reading The Ultimate Guide To Looking On The Bright Side

Make Your Own Happiness: Here’s What I Did

When looking over my life, I saw that my happiness was not dependent on circumstance. Often, I chose to take the high road, decided to look at a brighter side, or even just ‘faked it till I made it.’

Just To Cheer You Up

With the terrible events that have happened over the past week, my heart is breaking for our country and our world. There is so much hate, anger, and violence. The 24 hour news cycle continues to put out negativity. It seems like all this hate is surrounding and engulfing us, and at many points it… Continue reading Just To Cheer You Up